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1937 Oldsmobile L-Series Touring Sedan
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1937 Oldsmobile L-Series Touring Sedan - Oregon Showroom

1937 Oldsmobile L Series Touring Sedan

Leave it to Oldsmobile to set the pace in automotive technology by introducing the newly re-designed 1937 Oldsmobile on their 40th anniversary. Features such as Fisher-built bodies, No Draft Ventilation, safety glass all round, hydraulic brakes, and "dual-ride stabilizers" (anti-roll bars). Old's streamlined the front end, eliminated the traditional one-piece drive shaft which required a 5” high floor tunnel-bump on the rear floor by creating the first ever two-piece drive shaft. They increased the overall inside height, allowing passengers to glide in and out of the rear seats all without tripping over that annoying floor-bump! An ingenious multi-beam headlamp system allowed the driver to remove the headlamp's glare from an approaching driver's eyes while a high beam projected powerful light on the right side of the road. Functional and durable “Suicide Doors” made easy access to the rear seats a breeze! The wheelbase extended to 124”, ensuring a smooth ride with an impressive 110 HP. Even the original spiral-bound “Oldsmobile Eight Handbook” is included in good condition.

2017 marks the 80th Anniversary of the 1937 Oldsmobile. Oregon's DMV verified the Oldsmobile was originally purchased in Portland, Oregon in 1937, but could not divulge any further owner information to validate “title” changing hands just three times in 80 years. We've owned the vehicle almost 20 years. You can tell by inspection that this vehicle was treated with lots of TLC. Garaged when not in use, ensuring minimal exposure to the elements.

Keeping the car as “original” as possible was our focus. The necessary upgrades were achieved with few alterations to the way it looks or rides. The 2nd owner added Turn Indicators for safer visibility. The upholstery was painstakingly duplicated to match the original design, still in good condition. The following upgrades were done in 1999: Power Brake Assist, Electric Fuel Pump, Clutch Assembly and Electric Windshield Wipers (vs original vacuum system). The L-37 Inline Eight was rebuilt and the 6-Volt Wiring system replaced with a 12-Volt. Other upgrades that same year include the brakes, electric fuel pump, fuel gauge, electric heater, power brake assist and replacing worn tires with Coker White Walls (less than 4,000 miles of wear). Also added was a Custom Fulton Exterior Sun Visor. The universal rear joint was upgraded in 2003. The gas tank was rebuilt in 2004, followed by the transmission in 2011. New “no-maintenance” batteries installed in 2005 & 2016. The carburetor was rebuilt in 2005 and again in 2016. When rebuilding the carburetor in 2016, the generator needed to be rebuilt and/or replaced but no new generators are available nowadays. We chose to replace the generator with an alternator. (Old generator kept with other spare parts including a Rear Window Shade). The unique automotive paint color was only used in 1937, primarily by Oldsmobile and was commonly known as Runymead Green.

If you really want to step back in time to learn just how much detail went into designing this beautiful car, take a few minutes to watch a classic 1937 newsreel on YouTube titled, “Follow the Leader”. Just click on this link (, grab some popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy!

This Oldsmobile is a dream to drive. Almost at the moment you press the Starter Button, the powerful 110-horsepower engine responds with a steady purr. No delay, no hesitation. Happy motoring!

Engine Interior
Engine Type: L-37 Inline Eight Interior Color: Tan
Engine Size: 257 cubic inch Secondary Interior Color: —
Fuel Specification: 18 Gallon Capacity | 40 MPG Seating Type: Bench
Body Seat Material: Mohair
Body Color: Original “Runymead Green” Shifter Type: 3-Speed on Floor
Body Style: 4-Door Sedan Center Console: No
Paint Type: Nitro-Cellulose & Synthetic Lacquers Mileage
Basic Mileage: 26,541
Year: 1937 – Body S/N: L152983/Engine S/N: L257290 Mileage w/3rd Owner: Approx. 5,000 in 19 yrs
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: L Series Touring Sedan


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L-Series Touring Sedan


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